Grilled Corn Slathered in Chili Lime Butter

Roasted Corn-13

I love to be scared!

Roasted Corn-7

Like “heart pounding out of your chest, you feel like your going to puke, omg my legs won’t move” kind of scared.

Roasted Corn-2

When I was younger.. or maybe even last week…. I would watch one of those heart ponding type thrillers, you know the ones…. they always leave you worried the killer is actually after you! And you end up hiding under your sheets (cause everyone knows bed sheets are the best defense against deranged psycho killers, right!?!) Funny enough even though I was scared to death.. it always gave me a little thrill.

Roasted Corn-3

I remember this one year I went to a haunted maze with some friends. The maze itself was a series of chain link fences that twisted and turned, it was also covered in a green mess, so you couldn’t see through it or what was coming around the corner. As we entered the maze, all we could hear were the screams of other “victims” and the screeching hum of a chain saw.  It always felt like it was right around the corner,,,, and then it Was!

Roasted Corn-5

I have never been more terrified. None of us could move fast enough. Unfortunately we didn’t get far before there was a 3 person pile up in a corner. Most of us were able to escape before the psycho killer with the chain saw approached… we did however end up leaving someone curled up in a corner as the scary masked man with the chain saw laughed…. Every man for himself.”.. Right?

Roasted Corn-10

Turns out there was no chain on the saw, and the guy felt bad and let our friend go…. But the rush people, the rush!….there is nothing like it.

Roasted Corn-12

This entire post was inspired by the insane amount of Halloween crap already invading our stores… so I guess we’ll be talking Christmas next week?

Roasted Corn-13

Pretend it’s still summer and grill your corn, and slather it in chili lime butter.

Grilled Corn with Chili Lime Butter

1to 50 Ears of Corn, Husk Removed (cause sometimes you need 50 ears of corn)
Olive Oil (I used my sage butter flavored olive oil, but you don’t have to)

Chili Lime Butter

1-2 Teaspoon of Chili Powder
Juice of One Lime
1 Cup of Butter, Softened

To make the chili lime butter. Mix the softened butter, lime and chili powder, until well blended. I used a fork. Cover and set aside at room temperature.

Heat up your grill to medium high heat. Brush the corn with olive oil (you could use butter too). Place corn on the grill. Grill until the corn is tender and browned. This will vary depending on your grill. I checked and turned mine every 6 mins.

Serve and slather with chili lime butter (seriously people, drown it in the butter)


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