Arugula, Goat Cheese and Beet Salad

Social media owns my soul! beet arugala goat cheese salad-3

Seriously people what other outlet in your life takes up what feels like YOUR WHOLE DAY. Have you ever left your cell phone at home while you ran to the grocery store… DON’T DO IT… pure torture. I felt so disconnected. I’m like that child who refuses to go pee in fear that they might miss something.

beet arugala goat cheese salad-2

And I totally did miss stuff. It’s like I took a week off work and had to sift through 10,000 emails. Ok maybe I’m not that popular… but there was stuff to go through. Important stuff, like Lynn from California, she re-pinned my pin, or the fact that I received one new like on my last Twitter post… I kid, I kid…. Sort of. I do get a small thrill when some people like my stuff

beet arugala goat cheese salad
Sometimes it just feels like social media has taken over our lives. It’s not that I think social media is bad, it just seems like there are a gabagillion (that’s not a word) different outlets to choose from. And when I say choose from, I mean use all of them… why miss out on something?!?

beet arugala goat cheese salad-7

Where have the simple days of Facebook gone?!  Where everybody, without their inhibitions, posted out awkward feelings and way embarrassing photos of themselves drunk with friends. Nowadays, it’s just us old people on there… I think I even accepted a friend request from my mom’s friend…ugh!

beet arugala goat cheese salad-6

Now apparently I need, Tumblr…seriously WTF, it’s not enough I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat… I say snapchat, but my step daughter hasn’t finished teaching me how to use it. “My Story” consists of a picture of my knee. I do think it’s important to learn how to use these forms of social media, even if it’s just to protect your privacy… I mean can you imagine if those super sexy Pic…… Never mind.

beet arugala goat cheese salad-4
Kk (no dry texting here!!!) I got to go before this post gets more out of hand… that and, I have to update my Twitter, and Facebook, as well as send out my nightly Snapchat (which will inevitably consist of more pictures of my knee).  Oh and post a blog reference back to this on Tumblr and naturally upload these pictures to Instagram.

beet arugala goat cheese salad-5Here is a recipe for the easiest beet, goat cheese salad EVAH, that’s for getting to the end of this post… you deserve it. I probably should have made you cookies… next time.


2 Medium Roasted Beets
1-2 Cups of Arugula (3?, I LOOOOVE arugula)
2 Tablespoons of Crumbled Goat Cheese (OK 3 tablespoons, Loove the goat cheese too)
2 Tablespoons of Roasted Pecans (Seriously, if you love everything in this salad like me, just double everything)


¼ Cup of Walnut Oil (or Olive Oil)
2 Tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar
2 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
½ Teaspoon of Salt and Pepper


Mix all the dressing ingredients in a re-sealable container and shake. Place in the fridge until you need it. This last me about 3 days in the fridge.


Roast your beets, or skip this part if you have mastered roasting beets in the microwave; Pre-Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut off any leaves or that long tail like thing on the end of the beet.   Wrap in tin foil and roast for an hour (Check after 40 mins, if using small beets). After 60 mins, poke with a fork or tooth pick, if it slides right in, it’s perfect.  Peel the outer skin off, and cut into pieces. This is a long process, but it works perfect for me every time. I usually do a few beets at a time and freeze the rest.

Spread the pecans on a baking sheet and pop in the already warm oven, and toast for 10 mins. Shake half way through.

Put the arugula in a bowl, sprinkle the beets, goat cheese and toasted pecans. Pour as much dressing as you like.


2 thoughts on “Arugula, Goat Cheese and Beet Salad

  1. I agree – I don’t think social media is bad necessarily, there’s just too much! Too many different outlets! Can’t we all just stay on one or two??? I’m refusing to join Snapchat for now. I can’t keep up with another one!!

    On a happy note – love love love beets. This salad sounds so good!!

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