Monthly Things : July Edition

July; Monthly Things

I am truly enjoying the summer!  You can tell because I have been behind a couple of time with the blog, I even missed an entire week!  I totally made it up to you by making you popsicles… which you actually had to make yourself… ya I’m a jerk!


July was full of more boot camps, and I started to get into crossfit.  Apparently people who do crossfit are kind of annoying, cause they can’t stop talking about it… opps,  I may have mentioned it a few times. I will say this; It’s an ever changing ever challenging way to work out, and people who do it, generally look amazing… ok that was 2 things, so before I get annoyi…. Too late?

Moving on….

I did the Spartan race with my new fitness friend Lori.   It was… dirty and it hurt.   I’m not sure who had more bruises. We got through some of the obstacles, but I’m pretty sure we are burpee specialist now… (You had to do 30 burpees if you could get past an event) LOVE/HATEBURPEES


So I’m pretty sure my garden is on steroids. I think the basil convinced the tomato and green bean plants and they are having it smuggled in.  LOOK at it! I do nothing..   It just is… ya for me!

shoe score

I found these beauties, and I payed NOTHING.  That’s right, FREE.  protien

I finally understand what all the fuss over protein is all about.  When you work out you need to feed your muscles,  it’s really that simple.  The not so simple part is finding clean ways to get it IN you.  So, I made some protein bars!  I haven’t posted them yet, I’m still tweaking them.  Any taste testers?

Not watching a whole lot of TV lately.  I did finish up Rookie Blue.  I love this show, mainly because its Canadian and it doesn’t look like someone shot it out of their parents basement with a 30 year old camera.  I did however hear that Dr Who and Sherlock are coming back in the fall.  This is the only reason I want to press fast forward on the summer.


Get outside and enjoy the weather people… I know I am!  Check out my wicked weird calf… not sure what happened there.

IMG_4096#Ilovewine #amorone


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