June; Monthly Things

Boot Camp and the insane summer of fitness…….  So I joined a bookcamp, for 4 weeks, twice a week.  I wasn’t sure it would be enough.. I somehow pictured a bunch of out of shape middle aged woman, dancing around with 2lb weights.  Ummm not so much.  This class is insane.  The warmup if half my regular workout.  Just when your glutes are on fire, and your shoulders are about fall off,  They start screaming about burpees!!! I’m not even joking!  There is a point in every torture session when we all kind of look at each other in disbelief?   Is she insane!  But we all fall in line when she starts counting down!  I thought about skipping class, but I’m terrified she would show up on my front lawn screaming about push-ups and burpees!

One cool thing came out of all this insanity, I’m calling a workout. I made a new friend..  it’s really nice to think there’s someone else out there crazy enough to join this boot camp….   She even convinced me to enter the Spartan race… she may just be crazier than me.

olives & wine

Something very exciting has happened to me since I have been back from Hawaii.  I can drink alcohol!  I know this doesn’t sound huge, but it has been 7 years since I have been able to drink any type of alcohol without sneezing.  It’s true!  Now granted I can only drink a glass, but it’s a start.  Let’s face it, after 7 years, 1 glass of wine is enough to have me feeling good!


Garden Update; Its growing like crazy… I can’t believe the size of some of my plants  I took this cool pic last week, not really sure what caused that cool pink streak of light, but….. love it!

TV Shows;  I really haven’t been watching a whole lot of TV, but I did get a chance to finish up the first season of Penny Dreadful, and  izombie.  Highly recommend both!

Father’s Day;  This is the 3rd Father’s day spent without my Father.   I miss you every day!  I am a better person because of you. Love you daddy.



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