Overnight Steel Cut Oats – Pre Workout Snack

Steel Cut Oats-4

I have recently set some new fitness goals.  Number one, join and insane bootcamp and secretly plot to destroy the instructor as I drive away…. I thought about taking that back… but if you were in my bootcamp, you’d be plotting too.  At this point I’m afraid not to show up, in fear she will find me.

 Steel Cut Oats-2

Number 2, perform 1 chin-up and 1 pull up.  Yes there is a difference.  A chin up is waaaaay easier.  I recently performed my 1 chin up (still working on the pull up) so I have increased that to 5 chin-ups.

Steel Cut Oats-6

 Why am I torturing myself… not really sure.  I may need to get my head checked.  If I write to you guys and tell you I’m joining a crossfit box, then you guys can commit me.  Those people are insane.  Google crossfit games.

 Steel Cut Oats-5

While on this new fitness journey,   I have realized how important it Is to fuel my body.  I never understood the whole protein powder craze, or carbing up, until I stepped up my goals and found I was losing energy.  Did you know your body rebuilds muscle ALL day.   And in order to do that you need protein… like  A LOT of protein.   While I haven’t added any protein powder … yet.  I have started eating certain foods to fuel me before and after my workouts…. And it totally works.

 Steel Cut Oats

This is my go to pre-workout snack…. This has to be the easiest snack to prepare ahead of time

 Steel Cut Oats-5

The best part is topping them.   I added milk, maple syrup, blueberries and toasted pecans.  You can add anything thing you want, from soy milk, to brown sugar, and almonds, or even peaches… seriously you could add an old shoe… ok maybe not anything.

Overnight Steel Cut Oats – Pre Workout Snack!!!!

1 2/3 Cups of Steel Cut Oats
4 Cups Of Water
¼ Teaspoon of Salt
5 ½ Pint or 1 Pint Jars

Bring water to a boil, add salt and oats, and let boil for 3-4 minutes.    Remove from heat.

Using a soup ladle, stir the oats and divide equally into jars.  I did this in 2 passes, and I kept stiring the oats every time I took a new ladle full.  Allow them to cool to room temperature, close the lids and pop in the fridge.

When you want eat them , pop them in the microwave, with a little water.    And top with what ever you want.


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