May; Monthly Things

Soooo May was long. I think I say that cause half of April was spent in Hawaii… so you can see why May seem to drag on.


I feel like we are super behind on everything.   The pool seems to take forever to open. My brother-in-law came over and help start the process first week of May, and yesterday was the first swimmable day … and it was freezing! We like our pool at 80 degrees around here.


My Garden also is all ready to grow,…. See what I did there. But in all fairness we did have a late frost, and I NEVER plant anything, until the last weekend of May, and I did have most of my stuff bought, they was just hanging out in my dining room. Can you say greenhouse?

I found this really Cool link of 20 things to do in your 30’s to make you a better person at 50!  Click Here.

birthday doughnuts

What else did May bring… oh ya a 14 year old! That’s right, my favorite girl turned 14! I usually make some sort of tricked out cupcakes… but we ended up taking a trip over to this new doughnut place, and we bought some tricked out doughnuts… they were awesome.

How could we forget Mother’s Day! My mom lives 5 hours away, so I made sure to call her, and I send her some African violets, which she assures me she will kill shortly. It’s not that she doesn’t like them, apparently they are hard to care for. At least they looked pretty on the Day. We also had a lovely dinner with Mr.PBandO’s Mom. She’s awesome!


Fitness bootbcamp… I signed up ,and I’m already regretting…. we’ll talk more about it in June things.

I think the most exciting thing (for me) was that the marketing department for the Ricardo people, asked me to feature a recipe from their web site. I have always loooooved Ricardo. Check it out!


And to round out the month I thought it was a super awesome idea to sign up for a “kick my ass” boot camp. I am looking forward to NOT being able to walk on Wednesday!

Maggie says hi!


Oh and I think golf season has started, cause I haven’t seen much of Mr.PBandO… which may have something to do with the pool taking forever to open. 😉


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