Monthly Things; March Edition

Monthly Things: March

I’m heading to Hawaii, tomorrow!! I can’t believe it’s finally here.

I soooo needed a vacation. I am finished with winter. Winter and I are not friends anymore!. I don’t usually mind winter, but seriously, enough already. I think my least favorite part of winter this year has been the salt. It’s everywhere and on everything.

But I’m not worrying about that right now, I’m soon heading out for 2 weeks of no work, no winter, no cold and NO SALT.

Enough rubbing it in.. I can do that in April things.

 before packing

I spent most of my month wrapping up work stuff and trying to decide what to pack. I hate not having my whole entire wardrobe with me at all times. In fact I’m pretty sure I brought it to our cruise a couple of years back. I know I was ridiculous, but at least there was no wining about how I wish I had packed that, or I forgot this. I think I struck good balance. I mean how can I go wrong with 5 pairs of shoes! I could have packed 10… trust me, its growth.


So March was a blur, but I made this awesome Affogato (I’d never even heard of “Affogato” until I stumble onto a recipe), and I made this delicious oatmeal. I need to buy THIS book. Both these recipes are coming soon…. and oh ya, My challenge is over… 3 long months of clean eating. And after all that, I have decided (with the exception of Hawaii), that I’m going to try and adapt this into my daily life. Read about it under the clean eating menu.

 Birthday Cake - Chocolate-6

Despite the clean eating thing, I still indulge; especially with someone has a birthday!!! This cake, you guys! My sister sent me the link, its Mr.PBandO’s favorite cake. I think I have made it like 10 times in 3 months, and he demanded it for his birthday! It too will be coming soon, like tomorrow!!!   I figured I starved you for 3 months, let everyone one eat CAKE!

I found myself some new sites this month, and I also want to highlight a few I’ve been fallowing recently. You have to check out Slim Palate! its run by an Joshua, he is only 18. His photo’s are stunning, and although I don’t really agree or follow the paleo lifestyle, I do enjoy his recipes. Also stumbled on this little gem, its where I found the sweet potato brownies I posted earlier this month.  I’d like to give a shout out to this lady. Since clean eating, I have frequented her site a few times, great recipes.

You know pinterest … right. Of course you do. I mentioned the other day to a friend that I use it to pick out my outfits. I’ll type in a piece of clothing (ie black poka dot blouse) and BOOM. I have 20, 000 new outfit ideas. She was really impressed…. Other than new recipes, its all I use it for… what do you use pinterst for?


 For Now… alaoha!!!!


One thought on “Monthly Things; March Edition

  1. Have sooooo much fun in Hawaii!!! I’m totally jealous 🙂 But really, enjoy the time off!

    I hate packing for trips too – I always feel like I’m going to need something I’m leaving behind!

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