Clean Eating Challange; Week 7 and 8

1 more month!


That cake…. I didn’t eat a piece. Either I’m insane, or…. well I’m insane!

This last 2 weeks have been…. Normal. Which is weird, cause its like this clean eating thing is beginning to feel like second nature. Is this the calm before the storm? Are you going to find me locked in my bathroom with a life time supply of jelly belly’s (a secret favorite sweet of mine), and greasy pizza? We shall see.


I was thinking the other day, you might be wondering if healthy eating is the only healthy thing I do. You weren’t, oh well, I’m going to drone on about all the other healthy things I do. Seriously, I don’t have any vices left, it’s kind of depressing.

Along with the clean eating thing, I also don’t drink alcohol, (not my choice… I sneeze like a crazy person after 1 sip), I quite smoking (3 years this April) and I work out 1 hour 5 days a week, and walk the dogs every day, (unless its -40000). Here’s is break down of my workout schedule

  • 30 minutes cardio (running or walking if I’m injured)
  • 30 minutes, cross training or weight training. I usually switch between, gluts/legs, abs and arms.
  • 20 -30 minute doggie walk


I am a creature of habit! I leave work every day at 3 (I’m usually in at 6:30-7am). Like EVERYDAY, like don’t invite me to a meeting after 3, I’ll decline. I get home and change, head downstairs, to complete 1 hour of cardio/cross-weight training. Then I do 7 mins of stretching. I head upstairs, gear up one of the dogs, and head out for a 20-30 minute walk. I don’t walk them together; this is for my sanity and their health (they are horrible to walk together). Then I make dinner, and you usually can’t peel me off the couch from 730 to 9:30. This is my time to catch up on my DVR, or blog, or pinterest, or Instagram. 9:30 to 10, a little reading, then bed.  THE END


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