Clean Eating: Week 3 and 4

I decided to combine 2 weeks of updates at a time. I mean there’s only so much updating and wining you can listen to.   Just to keep up, I am mid-week 5 currently; this is a recap of Week 3 and 4:


How I was feeling and what I discovered:

I actually found week 4 to be a bit of a struggle. I was really hungry. I managed to stay on track, but I really understand the importance of a cheat meal. For me and I’m sure others starting out, it really helps you keep on track. It’s when you deprive yourself of things, that you start to binge.

I actually skipped my cheat meal week 3, not really a good choice and probably the reason I struggled so much. Don’t worry I made up for it in week 4. We went out on the Sat (start of week 4) to our most favorite wood oven pizza restaurant. I had the special which was a chicken avocado, mango salsa and parsley pizza with brie. The flavor combo was awesome, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for the wheat crust, it was pretty clean, so I ordered dessert.

peanutbutter cups

I have been (as always) been experimenting with baking. Ashley has been my go to blogger for recipes lately.

Things to work on:

Keeping up with the healthy snacks. I need to keep on top of the fruits and veggies for snacks. I have a tendency to lean on my sweet treats. Even though they are super yummy and clean, I cannot forget all the good things that fruit and veggies give you. I also want to make sure I’m elating a protein and good carbs at every meal.


BTW my clothes are fitting better, already!



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