Monthly Things: January

If you follow me, or dropped by in the last 31 days, my month has been consumed with my new clean eating challenge. When I say all consuming, I mean ALL CONSUMING! There is a link to the deets at the top menu…. Did I just say deets? Is that a word? Never mind.


Do you recycle your toilet paper rolls? We re-use them… as dog toys. Maggie will take a toilet paper roll over a squeaky toy any day….. weirdo.

Here a few things I saw or heard or smelt… scratch the last one. Let’s all watch this video. It’s an extreme view on how texts can be miss-read. These guys are hilarious!

Mid-month I was listening to the radio and they were talking about a show of sorts at our local theater. It’s was a showing of Singing in the rain, except the entire score was played by a live orchestra. Can you imagine the complexity? I’m really sad I missed out.

SO happy to have my regularly scheduled programming back. Madame Secretary is still not disappointing me. I’m glad to have my Sherlock fix, with the return of Elementary.   Still upset I have to wait FOREVER for the British version to come back. What are you watching?

This is a little sad guys. I have actually suggested to my step-daughter to read a book…. Wait for it…. To help her fall asleep. I obviously have not read anything good in so long, I’m starting to recommend books as a sleep aid. Help me!

cherrios buddy

I have the biggest mooching dogs ever. If I have food, they are lurking… exhibit A above.

A few sites that I’ve been obsessed with: ** Amy’s cook book comes out on Feb 10th, excited! ** Ashley’s book is a must buy!

Next time you see a skinny person, remember skinny people have feeling too. I know my sisters and I could relate to this when we were younger, especially number 7 and 9.  I don’t have that problem anymore!


This is what I have been eating lately… I know .. I hate salad, but this one doesn’t totally suck… on the blog soon.


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