Clean Eating: Week Two

Week two
So week 2 started off pretty good. I’m actually finding this change not so bad. It’s totally making me wonder if this is the calm before the storm. I remember in the summer thinking I didn’t know if I could give up sugar, never mind clean eating for 3 months. We’ll see if in a couple weeks if I’m hiding in a closet with a box of doughnuts. Below are a few things I discovered or learned and how I was feeling

– Greek yogurt isn’t so bad, as long as I put equal parts fruit in it. It still tastes like sour cream to me.
– Organization is key! I’m already pretty organized, I’m a big meal planner. Now I also pre-package snacks, for on-the-go
– Big discovery this week. When you cut out all the processed foods in your life, you cut out a wack of sodium. I’ve been feeling really tired lately, so a friend suggested this app, call myfitnesspal. It allows you to track all your food intake and breaks it down, so you can see what you’re missing or what you need to cut back on. Apparently I’m taking in 500 – 600 mg of sodium a day. Ummm pretty sure I need even more than the recommended 2000mg a day. I do 30 min of weight training, then a 5km run, and then a 30 min dog walk… 5 days a week.
– Avocado toast: Yes I am the last person to discover this. I AM ADDICTED.


What to work on:
– More sodium. Funny when you google how to increase your sodium, you don’t find a lot. Everyone is cutting back these days. So I tried how to replenish electrolytes, found a ton more suggestions. I’ll be increasing my cottage cheese, and looking for some after workout smoothies.
– The one part of clean eating I haven’t been concentrating on is the including protein/carb/fat into every meal. This and sodium will be my focus.
Remember people, this is a journey, I’m learning. If you see something I’m missing of something, I’m doing wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Here is one of the members of my support team.



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