Monthly Things: December

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

christmas 2014

WTF happened to December!

Christmas came and went, in a whirl wind, like it does every year. Every year I get a little better at everything. We were all done Christmas shopping by Dec 1st, even Mr.PBandO was finished early. This year I followed Amiee’s steps to a perfect turkey … she is a genius! Mr.PBandO kept saying how moist it was. My table settings are kicking ass, although I have managed to get myself banned from buying Christmas crackers, I am a Christmas cracker whore… see below

cracker whoreI also baked… and baked and baked….


Show alert!!! The Newsroom. It’s like House and The West Wing had a baby… watch it, it’s AWESOME.   I also got Ashley’s booked, baked doughnuts for everyone, and I baked my first batch… they were awesome!


I finished up the Christmas holiday with the Doctor Who and Downton Abby Christmas Special’s, I forgot how much I missed these shows!

Would be complete without dressing up the doggies, they love it!






2 thoughts on “Monthly Things: December

  1. I love the pictures of your pups in their christmas attire! 🙂 I’m a sucker for dog pictures!

    Sounds like you had a great December! And I’m impressed all your shopping was done by the 1st!

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