FruitCcake Shortbread


Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies-6

At this point I’m not even sure I’m doing this for Christmas, or using Christmas as an excuse to bake this much.

Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies

So far I have made, chocolate gingerbread,   Almond toffee rounds, cherry ice box cookies, cream cheese orange pistachio cookies, cranberry white chocolate oat cookies, linzar cookies, Mocha Chocolate dipped shortbread, 2 fruitcakes, and these babies! I still have graham cracker toffee bark and chocolate espresso brownie cookies to go.

Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies-4

But lets talk about these. My all-time favorite , nostalgic Christmas cookie, hands down, has to be shortbread. I have never meet a shortbread I didn’t like. Of course I love my mom’s, she always made then this and crispy, with cherries. They taste even better fresh out of the freezer.

Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies-5

I have in recent years developed an insane liking for fruitcake as well… weird… I know. SO when I came across these cookies, I thought there could be nothing better. Fruitcake shortbread…. AMA..ZING.

Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies-8

Even if you think fruit cake is for little old ladies (I’m so a little ol lady, between the fruitcake and knitting, I’m one pair of comfy white sneakers away from becoming an honorary senior) You wil love these… it helps that they are full of butter and dipped in a sugary glaze.

Fruitcake Shortcake Cookies-7

Please add these to your insane Christmas baking list… what’s that, you don’t have one… make em anyways… worth it. The little ol lady (or man) inside will thank you.

Fruitcake Shortbread

[Adapted from Canadian Living December 2013]

For the cookies

1 Cup of Unsalted Butter, Softened
¾ Cup of Powdered Sugar
½ Teaspoon of Vanilla
2 Cups of Flour
1 Cup of Diced Glazed Fruit

For the glaze

¾ Cup of Powdered Sugar
2 Tablespoons of Dark Rum, (or Water)
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

In a larger bowl, cream together butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. Add flour ½ cup at a time, until combined. Kneed in the fruit. If you find the dough is a little too soft, place in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Split the dough in half. Working one at a time, place each piece on to a sheet of plastic wrap. Form the dough into a square. Place another piece of plastic wrap on top of the square.   Using your hands press down and form a 7 inch x 7 inch square. Make sure the square is nice and even (I totally cut off the excess) . Place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees. Grease cookie sheet with butter or non-stick spray. I use a silicon baking matt, you should too.

Remove the dough from the fridge and place on a cutting board. Cut off the edges so it’s a perfect square. Cut the dough into 4 equal pieces. Turn the dough and cut into 7 equal pieces.

Place on the prepared cookie sheet, and bake for 22 minutes.

Remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack for 5 minutes.

Prepare the glaze. Mix the ¾ cups of powdered sugar with the rum and vanilla.   Using a pastry brush, brush on the glaze. Allow to cool completely.


2 thoughts on “FruitCcake Shortbread

  1. Ahh…haha! Love these! I’m totally adding these to my insane cookie list!! You still have to teach me how to knit, my friend. ❤ Then we can be little old ladies together. Well…I'm officially one right now…but you can pretend to be one. 🙂

  2. haha I cannot stop baking either. It’s ridiculous considering the amount of sweets we have in the house. I’m not a huge fruit cake person … but fruit cake shortbread??? Now that sounds like something I can totally get behind!

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