Monthly Things

Monthly Things: Nov Edition

I’m changing things up around here, well not so much, instead of a list of top ten things, I thought I would just tell you about things that have happened, things I’m watching, reading, and loving, just not in a formal list format.


So to start off the month, I was in Calgary spending time with these monkeys. Love my nephews. I also got to taste some wonderful eats ala my sister, she’s also a super foodie! We even had a cheese plate for dinner one night, I felt all fancy and stuff.


I have put a serious dent in my Christmas shopping, actually, I’m done!! Don’t hate. I did this last year and it felt wonderful to be one of those annoying early bird people. Being that its December 1st, I’m also decking my halls, and finishing my table setting… this is the basic idea.

christmas cookies

Oh and the baking….. I have managed to whip up 3 batches of cookies and I even perfected panettoni.   For some reason I can’t seem to mess up bread lately. Last week I made some authentic French bread, and it was epic. I had a little help from this new web side run by chef John. Check it out, he even has a tutorial on de-boning a turkey.

I feel like I can actually enjoy the upcoming Christmas season, now that my shopping, baking and decorating is almost finished. I know, I’m so annoyingly prepared.

Here are some links I have enjoyed: Shopping for someone weird and don’t want to spend a lot of money this year? check this: 15 Incredibly weird things you can buy on amazon for under $15. When you’re done shopping for your weird friends and family, serve them one of these awesome Stuffing recipes at Christmas…Cranberry and Walnut Stuffing, or Pumpkin Cheddar Stuffing.   If your feeling crafty this year, head over to Half Baked Harvest, and she’ll show you how to turn a pine cone into a fancy oraniments, sparkles and all. Don’t forget to head over to Bev’s side for a good laugh in her new series, Friday Flotsom, she’s so funny. (

That’s all for now. Have a relaxing December.


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