Monthly Top 10: October Edition

maggie halloween

Let’s start off with this picture. I dressed up my puppy Maggie as Dorothy from the wizard of OZ. Why have dogs if you can’t dress them up.

Canadian Thanksgiving: All of us up in Canada had our thanks giving beginning of October. I like that we have it early. I would feel so over whelmed if ours was so close to Christmas like our friends south of us.

I saw a really great movie this month: This is where I leave you. It’s basically about a family that comes together after a death in a family and all their family issues come to the surface. Tina Faye, Jason Batmen (love him) Jane Fonda, and it even has the guy that played Hannah’s boyfriend in Girls. Watch it, seriously.

During our thanks giving my Mom came for a visit. I’m originally from Toronto, so we don’t live that close to each other. I love catching up and we always go for afternoon tea. I really appreciate her now that I’m older and I’m a step mom.


Road trip to Boston: I totally drove to Boston for Jessica’s book signing at the North Eastern University. We took the opportunity to do a little site seeing; Not only did I meet Jessica (she’s even more awesome in person) I also got to see her in action, She whipped up some great recipes from her book. I HEART HER!  p.s. I look awfull in this picture.

I love me my magazines. I am a hoarder of many things, but this one takes the cake. I have just added one more to my collection. RICARDO. He’s a French Canadian chef I have always loved. I have seen his French magazine in the stores, but my French sucks, and Mr. PBandO isn’t interested in translating an entire magazine. So when his English magazine came out, I immediately subscribed. Two issue’s in and I’m hooked.

Halloween in Calgary; I got the amazing opportunity to go trick or treating with my nephew this year. I headed out to Calgary last Thursday, to spend some time with my Sister and her family. I haven’t decided if I’m here for the family or the food? She is an amazing baker/chef. I’ll put together a post of the delicious things I ate here.  P.S.  Happy Birthday to my sister!  she just turned 30 this month.
TV Lately: I recently got sucked into Madame Secretary. It stars Tea Leoni as a CIA agent turned secretary of state. I’m really digging it. Did I just say that?

Always use parchment paperI will always have parchment in my house. Read about my meltdown here. I was trying to make a fruit cake, without parchment paper… fail. I got it right the second time.

I’m not usually someone to pass on videos, but I still can’t stop giggling, at this. These girls are swearing for a good cause.
I am a Christmas Cracker whore!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Top 10: October Edition

  1. I sometimes wish that Thanksgiving was earlier here – it’s so close to Christmas and all the fun is crammed into such a short time! Sounds like you had a pretty great month! And I love the picture of your dog!

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