Monthly Top Ten: September Edition


1)   I had a birthday this month. I’m….. well, I’m a year older. One of the sweet things about being a late September baby (28th),  it’s a beautiful time of year.  We spent my birthday weekend up in a Quebec ski village, Mount Tremblant.  It’s nestled in a valley of mountains with tons of beautiful brightly colored trees. This is the view from my hotel, So pretty.  Thanks to my sweetie for organizing it.  Thanks to my favorite girl for the awesome sweater, she just gets me!

2)  New challenge, no eating after 7pm: Have you ever had a bad habit you just couldn’t kick! I used to smoke, so I defiantly know how that feels.  My recent habit to kick is eating after 7pm, more importantly, not eating within 3 hours of  bedtime.  I eat healthy all day long, drink lots of water, and  workout regularly, then at 7pm, it’s like I’m a whole different person.  I’m shoving my face, with cake, ice cream, cookies.  So for the month of sept I gave up eating after 7.  This allows body to repair and reap the benefits of my workouts and good eating all day, instead of trying to work off all that junk.

3)  Reading lately: or should I say re-reading.  I’ve been watching this new showtime series called Outlander.   it’s based on one of my all-time favorite book series of the same name.  They did an great job.  A few stormy details are different, but the characters are perfect!  Read these books and you’ll be booking a trip to Scotland in search of your own kilted highlander.

how sweet

4)  How Sweets book arrived!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first. I think I was expecting an explosion of sprinkles to appear when I opened it.  BUT OMG, when I got into the guts of the book, it was like I had picked up my new favorite novel.  Jessica is so funny and sweet.  She’s like old friend you can always have a good chat with.  Oh and I’m headed to her signing in Boston… road trip!

5)  Garden Updated: The Garden is gone. I closed it mid-September.  Probably more out of fear of being over taken by tomatoes, cucumbers and Jalapeno peppers.  It had to end!  I may not eat another tomato for a while.

kintted beard

6)  Someone needs to make me one of these! Check out the baby, top right!

7)  New sites I’m following: Faux Martha; She has some awesome tips, along with super yummy recipes, check her out!

8)  I mentioned in a post earlier in the month that Mr PBandO wasn’t too happy with one of my top ten points, well here it is:  He has never watched Pay it forward.  He thought some guy in the coffee drive through made it up…and get ready for this one….. He has never watched the original Star Wars movies… or rather he has, but only one and he can’t remember which one.  Seriously!

chip roulette9)  We have been playing chip roulette.  Do it!  It’s so much fun!

10)  New food discovery.  I just discovered, cause I live under rock, balsamic glaze. I like balsamic vinegar, but I didn’t want it drizzled all over my food, even if it was in a glaze form.  I WAS SO WRONG.  It is the most wonderful stuff since browned butter.  I put it on everything now!  You should too.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Top Ten: September Edition

  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! It sounds like it was a beautiful one…and that makes me happy!
    My Seriously Delish should be coming any day now… yep. Love her! I’m so jealous you’re heading to Boston!! I love it there…and you get to go to the book signing… Double the Fun!!
    Love this post…love those hats. That’s just too hilarious. Love you. ❤

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to celebrate! 🙂

    And omg balsamic glaze – welcome to the club! haha I put it on everythingggggg. So so good.

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