Monthly Top Ten: August Edition


Peaches1. Fruit obsession continues this month, with peaches and blueberries. I super enjoyed the peaches this year. They were all juicy and full of flavor. The blueberries, OMG, I love me some blueberries! I managed to save a few of each fruit long enough to bake some treats. I’ll be posting a blueberry treat tomorrow.

2. We took a little trip. We are in the middle of planning a big trip to Hawaii next year, so we wanted to keep this year low key. Mr.PBandO suggested we head to Toronto to visit my family. I was all in! My sister just bought her first home, and I was excited for her and wanted to check it out. We also decided to throw in a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, I rambled on about it in my last post. Mr PBandO even managed to squeeze in a round or two of golf.

3. Reading lately: Or lack thereof. All I have been able to consume are food magazines. Please someone suggest a good summer read before I become illiterate!


4. Garden Updated: We are being taken over by cucumbers and tomatoes. Especially Tomatoes. I’ talking 3-4 cucumbers a day, and like a zillion tomatoes.

DRwho returns

5. Latest TV obsession: I have to tell you about two shows that have me sitting in front of my TV, remote in hand, waiting for them to come on. First, the return of DR. Who! This is the twelfth doctor. I didn’t have high hopes for this doctor, for a couple of reasons. One, he is much older than the last three doctors, and two I love, love, love Matt Smith ( the eleventh doctor). I’m was actually quite impressed. This is going to be an awesome season. The second show I have to talk about is …. Wait, it deserves its own point, see below

6. The Outlander, the series. If you have never read the book series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, you have to. Right now, I’ll wait…… ok I can’t wait for you, I’m just too excited about this series.  I usually hate when someone goes and trashes up my favorite novel by making it into a movie, or TV series. This was so not the case for this series. I know there has only been on episode aired so far… but the characters are perfect, the narration is spot on, and the backdrop is perfect. I’ll check in with you next month and let you know if I’m still hooked.

7.Knitting: Every year I have these huge ambitions that I’m going to knit everyone a homemade gift. The only issue is I decide this in October. Not really enough time to whip up 20 scarfs, hats, mitts, or socks. So this year the little old lady in me started two projects in august; a scarf and a pair of socks. Only problem is, at the rate I’m knitting, there may only be 2 people getting home made gifts.

tomatoe galette

8. Wheat free Challenge: I made it! One whole month without Wheat. Now where’s my Pizza! I’m not even kidding. I tried a few gluten free pizza crusts, ad I have discovered, there is nothing like a wheat packed, glutinous pizza crust. I did however manage to make a few yummy wheat-free/gluten–free treats, like this lovely tomato galette. As I mentioned above, we are being taken over by tomato’s, and I had to do something.

9. New Sites: I have found a whole bunch of new sites this month. Here are just a few: Dolly and Oatmeal, holly and flora, Food Loves Writing, and the Minimalist Baker. I seriously could go on. My blog favorites list is HUGE.


10. I’ll leave you with a pic of my favorite little beggar.



3 thoughts on “Monthly Top Ten: August Edition

  1. You’re so freaking adorable. Outlander, you say? Ok, I’ll check it out. 🙂 Peaches…I know, right? And blueberries? I can eat a whole quart in just one sitting. Or standing. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing when I’m eating them… I just love them!
    I’d love to learn how to knit.. but I’m so bad with starting projects, and then never finishing them.
    Love your photos. Love you. ❤ Awesome post.

  2. I love number 10, what a cute photo! Sounds like we both have good intentions when it comes to knitting, maybe next year. 🙂 My friend, Amy Clark, just wrote her first book, it’s called Redemption from these Seven Blocks. I am waiting to buy it when we visit the States but if you read it I’d love to hear your opinion! As for blueberries, I love them and can’t wait to see your treat!

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