Monthly Top Ten: July


1. The deck is FINALLY done!!!! It looks AMAZING! Although at this point I don’t think either of us will ever paint or stain again. On that note, if you need me, I’ll be relaxing in the pool admiring our handy work.


2. Reading lately: Or lack thereof. All I have been able to consume are food magazines. Please someone suggest a good summer read before I become illiterate!

3. Started receiving thought catalog emails: This one describes me to a “T”


4. Garden Updated: I don’t even know what to say. From humble beginnings, my garden has exploded. I can’t keep up. I will defiantly be planning it out better next year. We can barely keep up with the daily cucumber harvest; we’re talking 3 a day. For some reason I can never see them, I go out and nothing, 5 minutes later Mr.PBandO goes out and he comes back in with 5. It must be all those golf balls he has to find in the bush…. Jokes!


5. My fruit obsession continues. I’ve moved on to cherries and watermelon. I can’t wait for Peach season!

6. Latest TV obsession: Who do you think you are? I’m not actually asking you who do you think YOU are, it’s actually a show. It’s where celebrities find out about their ancestors.   I love this show. We have spoken before about my horrible taste in TV shows.


7. Homemade vanilla: Before I started blogging, I loved baking, but I didn’t appreciate all the little things that made baked goods better. Things like using the best possible ingredients. This includes using pure vanilla extract. Let’s face it, its darn expensive! I was visiting Katrina’s site, and she had made some from scratch. I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Post to come, but in the meantime, visit Katrina to get the low down.

8. My sister had her baby!!! This is baby number 2 for her. They named him Jack. I love that name. Congrats guys, can’t wait to come and visit!!

9. Wheat free: I was originally going around people I was going gluten free, until I started researching it, and I was surprised to find there are a lot of food products that have gluten. Did you know ketchup had gluten, and most sausages? Wheat free is a little more manageable foe me. I wrote more about it in Tuesday’s post.


10. I’ll leave you with this really great photo our Lily. It’s so hard to get a good shot of her, due to the fact that she’s all black, even her eyes.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Top Ten: July

  1. Your garden looks great and the deck too of course! I started making my own vanilla over here and love it 🙂 Lily is cute too! Wonderful post.

  2. Can I come and live on your deck? Wow…is that beautiful! Now I can see why it it took so long… and all of the hard work you guys put into it! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    Great post! I’ve been making my own vanilla for about a year now, and don’t think I will ever buy store bought again!
    Beautiful little Lily! And no…I have no good read to suggest…I’ve been a slacker in my literary world this summer. ❤

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