Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls

I was visiting my good friend Purdy’s site, and she had posted this wonderful lemonade, or should I say citrus-aid. First thing to note, I was particularly thirsty that day and lemonade is my go to drink, after water.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls1

Instead of plain ole lemonade, (no offence to lemonade) she had decided to add other citrus fruit. Along with lemons she squeezed in a couple of grapefruits and some limes. Totally original, just like Purdy.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls3

She also always encourages you to mix up her recipes, and make them your own. I love that.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls4

So I did.   I started with her amazing citrus-aid and then added my own flair. I might have over done it with the fancy frozen kiwi balls, until I tasted it. It just belongs. Trust me.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls5

So here you have it. Watemelon Citrus-aid with frozen kiwi balls. I hope I did you proud Purdy with my own twist on your new classic.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls6

p.s. if anyone can come up with a better name than frozen kiwi balls, please let me know.

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls8

Watermelon Citrus-Ade with Frozen Kiwi Balls

[adapted from http://butterbasilandbreadcrumbs.com/2014/06/24/citrus-ade/]

3 Kiwi
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
2 Lemons
2 Pink Grape Fruit
2 Limes
3 Cups of Water
¼ Sugar
6 Cups of Watermelon, Cut up.

In a blender or food processor, puree kiwi and sugar, until smoth. Place in a freezer safe container with a lid and freeze for 1 to 2 hours.

Squeeze all 3 citrus fruits, into a large bowl. I ran mine through a strainer, cause I don’t like pulp. Add 3 cups of water and ¼ of sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Place the watermelon into a blender, and puree until smooth. Pass through a fine strainer, into the large bowl with the citrus mix.

To server, stir the watermelon citrus-ade and pour into the glasses with ice.

After 1-2 hours, take out the frozen kiwi, and using a melon baller, scoop out a ball of kiwi and place in the glass of watermelon citus-ade, and server with a lemon slice.


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  1. Oh my gosh…. you are so awesome, Tracy. I just adore you…you know that, right? Because if you didn’t know it, then you should know…. I adore you. <3
    This looks absolutely spectacular.
    Pure Refreshment.
    Simply Beautiful.
    I am SO going home tonight…well, first, I'm stopping at the store to pick up some kiwi to make those awesome kiwi balls!!
    You're a genius, my friend. LOVE. <3

  2. Kiwi balls! So cool! It’s a scorcher where I live today and I wouldn’t mind working away with one of these babies in hand. So good!

  3. I love the sound of this! I am alllll about the watermelon right now and mixed with all these citrus flavors … that sounds delicious! And the kiwi balls look pretty darn good too – haha and I like the name :)


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