Monthly Top Ten; April Edition


1. Happy Late Easter; I found this little fella at Walmart. He’s soooooo cute.

2. New Social media icons; I finally put them up, take a look, right up there, a little to the right.  There you go, now you can stalk me.

3. New BBQ; I went to clean off my BBQ for the season, only to find that a family of mice had made a cozy home \under my burners. When Mr.PBandO went to clean it out (cause I wasn’t going there), he found that, under the grill it was all rusted out. That totally bummed me out…. but, it gave me the perfect opportunity to go out and buy a charcoal BBQ. I have been wanting one of these for a while. Although it takes a million years to heat up and a lot of work to keep it clean,,, the flavor that comes out of it…. Run , don’t walk .. to go get one.

4. TV Obsession; Warehouse 13, that’s right,  I have the worst taste in TV, and proud of it. While most of you are drooling over the season finale of The Walking Dead, or crying over the loss of Breaking Bad, I’m over here getting excited about the last season of Warehouse 13. What the heck is Warehouse 13, you say… my point exactly!

5. Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs; I have to give a shout out to a fellow food blogger. I have been following Purdy for over a year, and I am super impressed to watch her site grow along with her great photos and unique recipes. She is also is one of the kindest ladies.  She always leaves the nicest comments on my blog (even if I do ramble on, and on, and on) . Meeting new food bloggers and being supportive of one another, has been the true reward in my food blog journey.


6. Tulips; I know spring is here when my local grocery store starts selling tulips. Tulips are a big deal here in the capital of Canada, we have an entire festival dedicated to it. But that’s next month.. we can chat about it then.

7. Laura Calder; if you’re looking for a new cookbook, check out one of Laura’s many cookbooks. She is a Canadian chef that spent quite a bit of time over in Paris. She used to have a show on the food network. I love her fresh take on French food. She makes it really easy to whip up a classic French meal.


8. I finally learned how to frost cupcakes like a Rock Star!!! For years, this concept boggled my mind, I had the right tools, I had watched a hundred videos… still my cupcakes looked something a 5 year old would whip up (no offense to all the five year olds out there). Super psyched… it’s the little victories…:)

9. One last TV obsession; I have started to re-watch the entire Supernatural series. Sam and Dean, that’s all I have to say about that.

10. And last but definitely not least, Jessica’s cookbook is available for pre-order. She is the first food blog I ever read, and truly the inspiration for my blog. Not only are her recipes and photo’s AMAZING, she is one of the few bloggers out there that is really down to earth. I consider us internet friends.. that’s not weird is it? I haven’t been this excited for a pre-order book since Harry Potter! Can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Top Ten; April Edition

  1. Oh my goodness… Tracy… first let me start out by saying that I always get excited when I see an email pop up from you. I just know that you’re going to have an awesome recipe, you’re going to be hilarious, and I’m going to walk away smiling. I think we came to the conclusion that we both ramble, so your ramblings are always so… well… rambly. ❤

    Thank you so much for such a lovely shout out. I'm so surprised… so delighted… and so honored that you would do that. It means the world to me. You mean the world to me. You have been so kind from day one, when I emailed you and asked if it was ok if I posted my butternut squash sauce recipe so soon after you posted yours!! Haha! Do you remember that? You responded almost immediately… and you were so kind.. I loved you right then and there. ❤

    How come I'm not stalking you on pinterest and all that other stuff?? Something is seriously wrong. I need to fix that today.

    I'm on my fourth bouquet of tulips…and will continue to keep them in my kitchen until I can't get them anymore! I love them.

    We switched to charcoal about five years ago… I'm with you. EVERYONE needs to change to charcoal. Even a simple hot dog is so flavorful cooked on a charcoal grill!!

    Warehouse 13, and Sam and Dean… I've never heard of them. I'll check them out …if I can get them.

    I will definitely check out Jessica's cookbook and Laura's too.

    Cupcakes? They look fabulous! I mean… I could eat about 10 of them. Yes. 10.

    Again, Tracy… thank you so much. I'm definitely walking away smiling today… ❤

  2. Big yuck on the mice!! Eek that would have freaked me out! But awesome on getting a new BBQ! That’s so exciting!

    Two – you’re reminding me that I really do need to buy myself some flowers – those tulips are so pretty! And three – those cupcakes came out awesome! I had a sorta light-bulb moment too when I finally got the hang of it! haha

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