Monthly Top Ten; March Edition

1. Blah blah blah blah… so over winter… here’s a new spring wreath instead

Spring Wrath

2. blogiversary; Yup its been one year since I took the plunge into the blogging world. It was a long time coming, and I was hesitant to start, until I read an interview with Kelly Senyei from Just a Taste. She was asked, what her advice to a new someone wanting to start a food blog. Was. She simply said; Just do it. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, because it will never be the right time, you will learn as you go. Thanks Kelly, great advice. Check out my first post!

3. Skiing; We finally got out there. I actually like skiing, but it’s the “get up and go” I don’t have for it. It’s one of those thing, you know you’re going to enjoy it once your there, it’s getting the motivation to go that’s the problem. I spent the entire time snowplowing (we call it pizzaing, cause your ski’s look like a piece of pizza) down the hill. I know I am a grandma skier, and I don’t care.

4. Lately I have not been obsessed with any TV. All my British shows are on hiatus  Please send me any suggestions you may have. But here is a list of a few regular programs that I follow:
2 Broke Girls
The Goldbergs: Love the smother
Trophy Wife
Supernatural: Sam and Dean forever

5. New Blog; The Bojon Gourmet. I can’t take credit for finding this blog. Katrina over at Warm Vanilla Sugar, listed this in her January Things. Thanks Katrina. Check out the “about” section, It tells you where the name came from; Genius!

6. Old blog; Well not old, she has been on my radar for over a year. Her pictures are phenomenal and her recipes are genius. I may have mentioned her before CHECK HER OUT

7. This tea cup says it all. I was told that every time I buy a new mug I have to get rid of an existing one… it’s getting harder and harder to choose which ones stay and which ones go.


8. What I’m Reading; I finally finished the Dead Sleep, by Greg Ilse. So me and a friend went on a book store date. It’s where you buy some coffee and browse the book store. I always seem to find something when I go with Heather. I found a series of books based on one of my favorite Canadian detective show… Murdoch Mysteries. It’s a Canadian crime drama set in the late 1800’s in Toronto. IN LOVE.

9. Gluten Free; I am not going gluten free. I looove bread way too much, But I have given it a try in the past and I have a few friends that are gluten free. It really bugs me that there doesn’t seem to be, In my opinion, any good gluten free pizza crusts. Maybe I expectations are too high? Every time I try a new gluten free pizza crust they always seem a little too crispy… like I’m putting pizza toppings on a giant cracker. Help!

10. Someone had a birthday this month! Love you babe!

birthday cake-march


8 thoughts on “Monthly Top Ten; March Edition

  1. I love this. Happy Anniversary Love!! I’m so glad you took the plunge, and just did it! I’ve enjoyed you, and your posts, and I wish you many many more years of blogging!! ❤

    I went to the Bojon Gourmet… absolutely beautiful photos. I'm wondering if she does that with a tripod, or has someone taking photos for her. Wouldn't it be awesome to have your own built in photographer? I'm following her now…that drink looks fabulous..

    I'm totally into Grimm…. and…. The Walking Dead. Season finale was this past Sunday, and now I have to wait until OCTOBER!! Ugh!!!! I'm a true "Dead Head"… 🙂

    I haven't sat down to read a good book in ages. I just don't have time, trying to keep up with the blog, and everyone else's blog.. 🙂 It's a full time job!!

    Happy Birthday to babe!! 🙂

  2. Happy blog anniversary!!! Your tea cup part cracked me up – my husband does the same thing – he makes me get rid of an old one if I buy a new one. It’s hard choosing!! haha

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