Monthly Top Ten; February Edition

heart cookies1. Valentine’s day; what did you do?  I spent it home alone…. don’t feel too bad for me.  We don’t really take it seriously in our house.  The Mr. had to work and so did I.  I used the holiday (I use that term loosely) as an excuse to bake.

2. Skating on the Canal; I went skating on the Rideau Canal up here in Ottawa Canada. Super Canadian thing to do.   It’s the 2nd longest out door rink in North America(, and it’s in my backyard.  Important note, if you skate 4 km down the canal, you have to skate 4kms to get back to your car.  I was tired!

3. Sherlock; and my obsession with British television continues.  I was super bummed when I finished Downton Abby and realized there was no new Dr. Who until fall.  Then a fellow british obsessed TV watcher turned me on to Sherlock… In love!!! New favorite show

4. Things We Make(;  I stumbled on to this blog through my wordpress reader.  The photo’s are amazing and everything they make is right up my alley. Check em out

5. What am I Reading;  Dead Sleep by Greg Iles .  It’s a great thriller.  I read another book of his a couple years back called The Quit Game … That was also an excellent book, hence my reading another one of his books.


6. 10,000 Pillows;  That’s how many pillows we have on our bed now.  So glad I don’t make the bed in the morning!

7. Blah Blah Olympics; I tried to be all indifferent about you… but you sucked me in.  I even watched an entire curling match.


8.  Soggy Salad;  This is usually the state of my salad, the day after I open the bag.   It really upsets me, mainly because I don’t like salad and I have been making an effort to eat it.  Then a friend told me about these containers that another friend uses.  These awesome produce saver from  Rubermaid.   It really works.  I put green onions (famous for wilting in a couple of days) and 4 days later… FRESH.  Thanks Trina and Anne

9. My Sister is having another boy!! I think she should name him Tracy!  I was able to convince my dad to squeeze it into the middle of her name, I’m sure I can convince her to name her new baby boy Tracy too… right?!

10. I heard the other day that we have had the coldest winter in 20 years up here in Ottawa….. But we managed to get outside a couple of times…. Thank god!

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