Monthly Top 10 – January Edition


  1. I have a new obsession with leopard print.  I’m not really sure where it came from, but I can’t get enough.  Aren’t these cute.  I never wear slippers, I am making an exception.
  2. The Looney Spoons Cook book by Janet and Greta Podleski!  Back to a classic.  When I first starting cooking, I was about 21.  One of my first cooking experiences was a pot roast. I was so proud of myself, I invited some friends over, everyone gobbled it up and no one had a bad word to say, until one of my friends told me exactly what he thought.  “It’s too dry” he said.  At first I was insulted, but I took it as a challenge.  Looney Spoons to the rescue. These 2 gals totally redeemed me. All the food is low fat and easy to make.  So  if you haven’t picked one of their books up I highly recommend it.   It helps that they are from Ottawa too.
  3. Let’s have a little chat about Downton Abby.  I know I have professed my love for the show before, I bring it up now, because I almost missed the North American premier.  As if!!!  A friend mentioned it on New Year’s eve.  I’ve been so wrapped up in Dr Who, I almost missed it.   Poor Edith, she can never seem to catch a break, and Mary, I was so upset for her at the end of season 3.  As usual, she is bouncing back with a hand full of suitors.  I swear I’m a little 80 year old British women.
  4. Pasty Affair (  I found and fell in love with this blog while I was out of town for work.  I had some down time and stumbled onto it.  It’s really rare these days for me to find a new blog I like.  As soon as I saw her pictures I was in love!  This blog has all the good stuff, like brownies, and cakes, and of course pastry.  Check it out.
  5. Meyer Lemons and Key Limes.  Last year before I started my blog, I kept seeing Meyer lemons everywhere.  So I started to search for them in my grocery stores, only to realize it was the end of the season.   I did end up finding them, and my very first blog post featured these yummy Meyer Lemon cookies.  Lesson learned, I found them early, and Made this yummy coffee cake.
  6. I love to cook… obviously..  but I have a confession to make. You know how a good quality sharp knife is every cooks best friend?  Well….I’m the kid in the corner with those scissors that won’t even cut paper.  You know what I mean.  All my knives are somewhat dull and for my own good.  But, I am determined to graduate to a good quality SHARP knife.  Before I start running with real scissors,  I’m thinking I’m gonna take a knife course.  At least that way, when I cut off my fingers , It will be a clean cut.
  7.  Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag.  Hooked on this show!  The premise of the show is, These 22 ladies chooses a cookbook, and select 5 recipes from it, and try and execute them as written.   The also try out cooking tools as they go.  They prepare all this food for a chef to judge them on it.  At the end of the show They give it a buy or pass.  Check it out.
  8. Perfect Bacon Bowl… That’s all I have to say about that! http://www.perfectbacon.caphoto(1)
  9. New Magazine Subscription!  Another reason I’m secretly a little old lady.  I love getting mail.  I mean snail mail.  Especially in the form of magazines.  I have tried to read them online.. I just can’t do it.  Yup, I’m killing tree’s one magazine at a time.
  10. I’ll finish things off by saying… its freaking cold here.  Mother nature better cut it out, my dogs need to get out, they are driving me NUTS!

3 thoughts on “Monthly Top 10 – January Edition

  1. I love your slippers… I need to start watching Downtown Abby… I took a knife course, and loved it!! …. and LOL…I’ve seen the commercial to that perfect bacon bowl, and I’m telling you, I’m very tempted to buy it!! I laugh every time I see the guy eating a bacon bowl full of eggs… Great post!! 🙂

  2. This is adorable! I love the slippers and similarly, I LOVE getting snail mail and watching Downton Abbey. Methinks we should be pen pals 😀 If you’re looking for a good sharp knife, look into getting one from Zwilling or Global–pricey but you only need one good one!

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