December Monthly Top Ten

Month 2 of monthly things.  Kinda enjoying this….

1. Christmas!  I know it’s over I wanted to say I hope all your Christmas eve’s and mornings were full of family, gifts and of course food!


2. List of holiday treats I made.  OMG I was a baking ninja this holiday.  I made:

Chocolate Toffee Cups
Toffee Bit Bars
Browned Buttered Cardamom Cookies
Ginger bread M&M cookies
Sugar Cookies with Royal icing
Ginger Bread Oreo and M&M Blondies
Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

3. Dr. Who; I have been in love for a while now, it’s right up there with my Downton Abby obsession.  I’m actually watching the tenth doctor as I type this.

4. My First Luxe Box;  Last month I mentioned that Michelle turned me on to loose buttons luxe box.  It’s a box of beauty samples that come right to your door.  I love getting mail, it’s the old lady in me!  This is what I got:

Awesome Black tights, that I thought were for my 12 year old step daughter, turns out they stretch and they are really comfortable.  I also got some shampoo and conditioner, it was great, smelt really good.  Some nail polish I will never use, because when I put on sparkle nail polish, I need a chisel to take it off.  Super plumping mascara.  Valentino perfume, it made me smell like my Grandma, I’ll put that away for when I’m like 80.  The best thing I got was this awesome lip balm.  It’s called staintastic and its made by The Balm.  It gives your lips and cheeks a little hit of color.

Lux Box1 (1 of 1)

5. The Great Food Blogger Cookies Swap. The swap was awesome, and no one poisoned me (It was a secret fear of mine)  I know it sounds silly, but, I am silly.  I received some great cookies from some great food bloggers.  You can read about it here on my post.

6. Table Settings; This year I wanted to do something a little different with my Christmas table  setting.  Mr PB andO says I change it every year.  He is crazy, This will be my 3rd year hosting it at my house, and the first year to switch it up: Take a look, what do you think.


7. Current food blog crush.  I love Ashley’s site.  I always check in with her a couple of times a month,  but when I saw these bread sticks for Halloween, I became a regular. I also picked up this great whole wheat pizza crust recipe .  Now I would never stray too far from Jessica, but Ashely is defiantly my number 2 right now.

8. Stewart McLean’s Christmas concert;  This is totally a Canadian thing.  Every year my old room-mate and I go to see this concert.  It’s hosted by the great Stewart McLean.  He host a radio show on our beloved CBC radio up her in Canada.  The first time I heard Stewart was on my drive home to Toronto one Christmas.  He was reading one of his famous Dave and Morley stories.  It’s a fictionally family from Toronto that gets into some peculiar situations.  Each year he tours Canada and puts on a Christmas concert.  Its chalk full of local musical talent, some really great musicians and some awesome story telling. It has become one of my favorite traditions.

9. The Yule log Channel.  I know this sounds weird, but growing up I didn’t have a fireplace.  So when a local station would broadcast a fire place burning on Christmas morning, it became a tradition.  This year I found a channel that not only shows you a cozy burning fire place, but it also played Christmas music, double score!!!!

10.Couldn’t let Christmas go by without dressing up the dogs.  This year we gave Lily a break.  Doesn’t Maggie make a great reindeer.

Reindeer Maggies


3 thoughts on “December Monthly Top Ten

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out!! I love that pizza dough recipe – it’s still the only one I ever make!

    I love those pine cones you used for the place card holders – that’s a great idea. Ha – and the doggie photo. I die – we did the same thing to Emma again this year. She was not amused : )

  2. Happy New Year!
    Well shoot…. I’m “playing” in my kitchen today, and hooked up the apple tv to my tv in here. I was going through the netflix tv shows…and saw Downtown Abby, but decided to go with Revolution instead. Maybe I’ll switch it up, and watch Downtown Abby instead.
    Laughing at the luxe box. I’ll have to check that out too.. 🙂

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